This Corporate Code Of Conduct (“Code”) sets out the standards which the directors, officers and employees (together “Personnel”) of Ni Hsin Resources Berhad (Company No. 653353-W) and its subsidiaries (“NHR”) are expected to comply in relation to the affairs of NHR’s businesses when dealing with each other, shareholders and the broader community.

This Code is intended to focus on the Board of Directors (the “Board”) and management on areas of ethical risk, provide guidance to personnel to help them to recognize and deal with ethical issues, provide mechanisms to report unethical conduct, and help to foster a culture of honesty and accountability.


  1. All Personnel must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  2. Where necessary, Personnel must, after consultation with the Managing Director seek appropriate legal advice.

Conflicts of Interest

  1. Conflicts of interest are to be avoided and any actual or potential conflict is to be reported to the Managing Director or the Chairman of the Audit Committee. Personnel must not exploit their position with NHR for personal gain. Personnel must declare to the Managing Director or the Chairman of the Audit Committee a significant ownership interest in any enterprise which may compromise loyalty to NHR.
  2. Personnel have a duty to bring business opportunities identified through the use of NHR’s property, information or position to the attention of NHR.

Confidential Information

Confidential or commercially sensitive information must not be disclosed without proper authorisation. “Confidential information” includes all non-public information that might be of use to competitors, or harmful to NHR or its customers, if disclosed.

Fair Dealing

All dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors, employees and other stakeholders of NHR are to be conducted with honesty, integrity and objectivity, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of NHR.

Company assets and property

All assets of NHR are to be properly used in the interest of NHR and for legitimate business purposes and must be safeguarded from loss and misuse.

Knowledge and Information

  1. The accuracy, use and handling of information are critical to NHR’s integrity and reputation.
  2. Personnel must ensure that information recorded by them honestly and accurately and is made known to their relevant supervisor so as to enable NHR to meet its obligation to keep the market fully informed about its activities.
  3. Personnel must never make improper use of knowledge, information, documents or other company resources obtained in the course of employment with NHR. Personnel must respect the confidentiality and observe the privacy information about NHR, its customers and fellow Personnel. The security and proper use of Company information is mandatory.
  4. Personnel must use computer facilities appropriately. Unauthorised use, manipulation or other interference will be treated seriously.

Employment practices

NHR subscribes to good employment practices, specifically:

  1. All employment practices are fair and non-discriminatory;
  2. All forms of discrimination and harassment are prohibited; and
  3. All privacy rights of individuals associated with NHR are to be respected.

Reporting of Illegal or Unethical Behaviour

  1. Personnel should promote ethical behavior and talk to supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel when in doubt of the best course of action in a particular situation.
  2. Personnel should report violations of laws, rules, regulations or this Code to Managing Director or the Chairman of the Audit Committee.